Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SAVINGS SAVVY! :) Shopping with Caleb

I had a great breakfast with my wonderful sister and my favorite 4 year old today. It was "semi" free as in the burrito and the chicken biscuit were and we paid for drinks and calebs mini meal.  He "couldn't believe" the play yard was indoors and out of the rain!  He love it!   I love his haircut, don't you?

I didn't have time to do my usual get home / take pics/put away routine as I had bills to pay and telephone calls to make so I have uploaded a few cell phone photos with the high-lights of our "12 HOURS IN THE STORES"  as Caleb so eloquently put it!  :)   He got tired of going store to store although he was an ANGEL, and played the DS in the cart most of the time!  He isn't like many kids that I see out and about that ask for everything they see and whine when they don't get it  (GREAT JOB MAMMA DESTINY ON TEACHING HIM NOT TO DO THAT!) 

 Staples ,  well they were out of the 1¢ pencil packs but they had everything else I went in for.   I got the items you see above ^^^  for $10.00 out of pocket after my 15% off instant savings card and tax.   I submitted the rebates online and will be getting back $9.30   (70cents will be the final cost for all of these items)  RETAIL VALUE is $20.97 before tax!   :)   WHAT A DEAL!   I am almost fully stocked in office supplies, school supplies and donations $500+ this year!  WHAT A HAUL!

SAVINGS :  $20.27

 CVS: I spent more in CVS than I intended!   I went in to grab the 2 FREE HERSHEY BARS AFTER ECB's and B1G1F coupon and the CAREFREE (free after ECB) but quickly realized that #1 I didn't bring my ECB from the other day ($3) AND there were some items here that I didn't want to leave behind!   MY CVS IS 75% off on the SUMMER not the 90% I am seeing online that others are taking advantage of..........STILL WAITING!   But I did find a few goodies
2 HERSHEY AIR BARS  .99¢ each   FREE AFTER ECB and B1G1F coupon
1  JUICY POP (caleb $1.77)
1  Bag of PEANUTS in the shell  (clearance .74¢)
2   Cans of Skintimate  sale $1.99 each  (CVS COUPON + MANUFACTURE $1 off)  FREE
1  Dove Candy Bar  (free with scanned ECB card)
2 cans of SARDINES (reg. $3.99 each clearance 88¢ each)  1.76
2 boxes Kelloggs Special K bars  reg. $4.19 each clearance $1.04 x 2  = $2.08  (had $1/2 ccoupon)
2 jars of the SUPER CHUNKY NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER reg. $2.87 for 72¢  (had 1 75¢ coupon, sadly ..........wish I had 2)
2 TEAM HATS   (VCU & UVA)  75% off  /  $3.75 each! wooohooo LUVED this deal as I do wear hats!
1 Life Saver Candy container $3.99 (FREE coupon WON this on FACEBOOK)
2 NIVEA Body Wash  $5.99 EACH with $2.00 off coupons or $3.99 x 2 = $7.98  ($5 ECB EARNED with previous purchases)
CAREFREE  $1  (had 50cents coupon) EARNED $1 ECB

FORGOT to scan my GREEN CARD :(

RETAIL:  $85.85 plus tax
Out of pocket $25.07 including tax

SAVINGS:  $67.77

ok so I also spent more than needed here.......... that was 2 stores in a row, so I decided that this was it for the day.......LOL maybe for the week too........ 
  • Bear Naked Granola ($1 coupon)
  • Simply Lemonade 2 @ .89¢  (FREE after coupon / money maker)
  • Chobani Yogurt  (4)  $1.20 each  (FREE after coupons)
  • Market Pantry Cheese (string cheese) 40¢ each = $1.60 used $2 in Target coupons  / money maker
  • Purina Cat Treats (6)  used  only 4 coupons (my mistake) so $1.98 for 6
  •  SEVERAL games with hasbro coupons  (monopoly, scrabble and sorry card games) (memory game) Scrabble slam with free pizza and Operation with free pizza games)  USED HASBRO COUPONS ON ALL $3-$5
  • 3 boxes of Kashi Bars reg. $2.99 each used Target and Manufature coupons making these $7.97 for 3
  • 4 boxes of pasta and 1 jar of alfredo sauce (target coupons for all) 
  • 2 frozen cheese pizzas
  • DS GAME $14.99  (star wars)

I used my TARGET CARD saving 5% on the total .........

I forgot my bags in the car (to save 5cents each)

RETAIL  $113.54  (sale prices total retail even greater)
BUYING POWER:  lots of $1 target catalinas printed that are for various items AND A $29.99 FREE PHOTO BOOK CODE from Shutterfly!~

SAVINGS:  $97.48 

As you can see I made some CRITICAL mistakes today (mainly because I am not used to having a 4 year old with me LOL but was a great time with him and would do it again!)  My savings that I could have had 

15cents in bags
$3 in ECB (not a total loss , will use another time)
$1.98 in Cat treats (should have been more careful)
Swipe of a Green Tag at CVS


these are my coupon resources for these shopping trips


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