Sunday, September 4, 2011

SAMS CLUB mark your calendars for free health screenings

 Health costs and testings are expensive, even i you have insurance a visit to the Dr. can send a person to the poor house if they have limited funds.  There are other costs involved as well, missing time from work and oh did I mention having to wait for an appointment for months because you are not sick?   sooooooooooo when an opportunity comes that you can have important preventative tests done for FREE and on SATURDAY I recommend taking advantage of them.  You PROBABLY WILL HAVE LINES AND A WAIT so plan on being there for a while.   The only problem or question that I have is "are you supposed to fast until 11 a.m. until the testing happens?"  

this particular event on Sept. 10 will be limited to the first 100 registrants ............

BENTONVILLE, Ark., Aug. 31, 2011 – According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 26 million U.S. adults and children have diabetes, and an additional 79 million people are considered pre-diabetic. As the prevalence of diabetes continues to grow, a few simple screening tests can easily and proactively expose the status of your diabetic health. On Saturday, Sept. 10 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., every Sam’s Club that has a pharmacy will be offering free diabetes health screenings for Members and the public,available to both adults and children.*

The free health screening events at Sam’s Club help our members take charge of their health. With more than 250,000 free screenings provided in U.S. Clubs this year, Sam’s Club continues to serve our communities on Oct. 8, 2011 with free women’s health screenings, including TSH (thyroid testing), blood pressure and BMI tests.


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