Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not sure how long will last or if everyone qualifies but FREE $5 if you do

Give us 5 digits, get $5 (and better local deals!)


or HERE if you are already a member
***i don't know if everyone got this or not but I had it in my email.  If you are not a member sign up YOU WILL LOVE THIS PROGRAM!  :)
We understand you're really busy. That's why in just 30 seconds, you can make sure you're seeing the local deals closest to you. We'll even give you $5 to do it.
The very best deals are the ones right in your neighborhood. Just update your ZIP code to make sure you're seeing them! To thank you for your time, we'll give you $5 in Plum Dollars to spend on your next Plum Deal in September if you update your ZIP code between now and Thursday, Sept. 15, at 11:59 p.m. PST.
The best local deals and some extra cash to spend on them? Sounds like you just doubled your luck!

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