Friday, September 9, 2011

My Weekly Freebies Pile! :)

Here it is again some "proof in that pudding"...... the proof that YES VIRGINIA there is such thing as a FREE LUNCH and a lot of other FREE stuff too! There are no obligations to most of them  and when there is an "obligation" trust me its most often not equal in value or worth.
  • Virgnia Living Magazine  (won in a facebook contest - 1 year sub)
  • 3 suave travel size products with 3 coupons to match the products (fabulous freebie)
  • Bilolage (2 FULL SIZED PRODUCTS) for the asking from a TRY AND REVIEW site
  • ESPN magazine  (almost free -  $2 a year from an expired GDA a while back, I got 3 years!)
  • "Enough Dammit"  Book from the SWAPPING SITE that I belong to and ADORE  I often get books from this site and recently ordered Faith's entire required reading list from here!
  • McDonalds Coupons (there are mostly BOGO but there are a couple of FREE no obligation ones too)
  • Fabulous Nails (2 packs, I actually ordered 3 and they are on the way, but these 2 are now here and in the gift closet ready for stuffing a stocking or two)
  • Toothbrush, Floss and Tpaste  (given to me at the dentist office!)
  • Tale of the Dolphin Activity Books(2) and a Movie "One Day" based Post Card (free on the table at the Movie theater for the taking)
  • 3 Staples Rebate checks (which I will be depositing today) that helped me in my BTS Challenge win of $200 Kroger Card and donated over $450 to the Boys & Girls Club
  • Febreeze, Glade, Bounce Coupon booklets ..........all requested from the net!  haven't cut or filed yet but its on my "to do" list
  • Office Max big coupons (being a PERKS member gets these automatically in the mail)  $30 off $90 etc etc
  • Sample Pack of Dishwashing Tablets for the Dishwasher (fabulous freebie from facebook)
  • Sheet of Stickers ("junk" mail hidden freebie!)    SEE PHOTO BELOW for some previous        "sticker fun" at the Henley House>>>>
  • FREE PRODUCT COUPONS :  Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Coke 20 oz and Pro Plan Cat Food
And this SportsCraft Football I won from a Facebook Contest!  Wooooohoooooo!  this was quickly claimed by the DH! :) its very very nice!

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