Saturday, September 3, 2011

I just confirmed my bank deposits , going to earn $50 in a matter of days, ARE YOU?

I just confirmed my bank account (2 small free deposits -every penny counts!) and so I am on my way to earning my free $50...... just waiting for my "card" to make my 3 small purchases! yea that was EASY MONEY!  I will also be using this account to link to my paypal account rather than my main account, my other account just went from "free" to $7 a month which is unacceptable  :)  I want FREE don't you?

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EARN $50 in 52 days! :) and then buy $100+ in groceries with coupons with it!

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Save Your Money®. Even with your checking.

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Julie said...

I did this also and have received my card. Going to use it for 3 purchases this week and wait for my free $50. Thanks a million!