Sunday, September 4, 2011

Do you have this $10 credit? make sure you spend it b4 it expires

DID YOU GET A FREE $10 CREDIT AT RUE LALA when I posted it HERE?  if you did DO NOT LET IT EXPIRE!  these credits have a limited life!  there

They are having a Sunday Night Styleathon with some special offers ...this is a designer site and I personally like the kitchen and jewelry deals here but ........... I was sharing a deal with another blogger and this deal was shared with me!  there are only a FEW LEFT if you are interested in the flip flop deal

"click on the “Sunday Night Styleathon” banner and find the Havaianas sale. There are various Havaianas flip flops (2 packs) on sale priced at either $5.90 or $9.90 – down from $36 to $48! So if your purchase the 2-pack of flip flops on sale for $5.90 + $9.95 shipping, you’ll pat only $5.85 (after the $10 credit) to have 2 pair of flip flops shipped right to your door. Not too bad considering how much these retail for! This brand of flip flops also has some pretty great reviews on Amazon."  (According to COLLIN at HIP2SAVE  (she is military and a friend of my daughters best friend) 

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