Friday, September 9, 2011

$110.16 in my Account! how about you?

I recently opened up a new bank account and funded it with $25 of my own money (from surveys that I had done) I transferred it to the NEW FREE ONLINE ACCOUNT HERE that gives you $50 for opening an account and keeping the money in there for 30 days.  They also send two small payments to your regular account for you to verify, mine equaled 16¢

$ 75.16

I then opened an account HERE and played the online instant win Trivia Game and promptly won $10! You have to use EMAIL VERIFICATION when opening the account and then once your notification for your $10 comes up in your EMAIL click and link and put in a verification code.  You will need a RELIABLE email account that doesn't filter your mail too tightly for everything to come through.  I highly suggest GMAIL if you don't have already.  It is the best choice currently for free email in my humble opinion!

Next I went over to TWITTER and "tweeted" as they asked me to, about my weekend plans (labor day) with a hashtag that let them know I read their message.  A few days later I was notified by DM that I was 1 of 50 winners of $25 to be processed through their account!  Once I get that notification I will have  $35 total in that account! 

I am now waiting for my CARDS.  One from the bank account and another from SERVE (american express) so that I can add my bank account to SERVE and PAYPAL both and use the money as I need to SAFELY without using my other , main bank account.

I will have $110.16 in my account when all is said and done, none of which came from my bill paying funds.   I am not sure what I will be buying with this money but probably will be Christmas Money or Cruise Money , not sure which!  :) 


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