1. Find an old T-shirt (not too transparent)—the bigger the better.
2. Lay your T-shirt out flat.
3. Cut off the bottom hem of the T-shirt.
4. Cut off two more 1.5-inch-wide strips from the bottom to use as straps.
5. Lay out and pin an existing bikini top out onto the front of the T-shirt (make sure not to pin it through to the back!). T-shirt fabric does not need hemming, so it won’t fray after it’s been cut. Should you, however, choose to hem your suit, add a 1-inch seam allowance on all sides of the pattern.
6. Now outline the pattern onto the T-shirt. Once you are finished, cut the shape out of the front of your T-shirt.
7. Remove the bikini from the T-shirt fabric. You’ll notice that your top has very short straps. Cut out two strips at least 6 inches long, from your leftover scraps. Tip: Feel free to use a different stretch or jersey fabric to add color or flavor!
8. Hand-sew each strip onto the short ties of your bikini top so that your straps are long enough to tie in a bow. Trick of the trade: Once the straps are sewn on, tug on them to make them more string-like.
9. We added a lace detail and dyed our bikini top, but feel free to use your creative energies and add your own touch.