Monday, August 1, 2011


Does your family have a special holiday tradition? Share your story through a photo, and you could win $200 and be featured in our stores this Fall

 My favorite Christmas Tradition is being with my family. Part of my family was missing for years.  My sister and I had been separated early on .... its a long story but we were not related by "blood" which everyone tells me is "so important."  You know that saying "blood is thicker than water?"  Well, I say to that , "so is tar!"  but that doesn't mean a thing.  My sister,  by chance, I had not been able to share holidays with for so long , and I were reunited a few years ago.  This is my favorite holiday photo because it is of my sister and my nephew (I AM AN AUNT!)  that I can now make new traditions with are in my life once again, How Cool is that?   While this may not be the most creative photo in the world, it is the most meaningful to me...... my family.........Finally!  
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Anonymous said...

love it
Kathy Saltzer

Julie said...

One of my favorite pictures taken by the most beautiful woman I know, my sister. Love you! Your heart is pure and so is your love for all. Never change and never get discouraged by others. You are the best!