Friday, August 5, 2011

STOCKPILING ............... My Hall Closet H&B supplies

My Hall Closet :  cleaned out for once!

I did it!  I finally cleaned out my Stockpile Closet and this is the "end result"   I have lots of lots of items that I have purchased free or almost free with coupons, rebates, rewards and samples too......... I now have everything so that I can see what I need and when I will need it.  I have plenty to donate if called upon to do so as well.   

I have no need to buy: Conditioner, hair styling products, shampoo, bar soap, lotions, deod. , razors etc etc etc for quite sometime.   This allows me to not go out as often "driving around costs money!" to pick up these things.  If I happen to be out and about and there is an offer for any of these products that I am able to get FREE or pennies on the dollar, then and only then will I buy them.

By organizing I did note that I only have 4 tubes of toothpaste,  3 bottles of body wash and 1 extra toothbrush in my closet, so I will especially be looking for deals on these items.

I have baskets full of free samples on the bottom shelf so should be able to throw together a gift basket or a donation at the drop of a hat .......for an impromptu gift or pick me up.  

I also had some Halloween clearance items in there that I was able to locate (they were MIA!) and put in their proper place so that we have them for this years painting of the faces!    I did have to throw away some expired sunblock.... but other than that I just rearranged and took inventory.

Yes, I would say couponing is worth the time and effort but as you can see there is NO NEED to go overboard.. keep things in perspective so that you can actually see and use what you collect!

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Material Girl said...

Good for you! That is a nice appropriately stocked cabinet...Just enough without being greedy!