Friday, August 5, 2011

Some of my Loot..........FRUGAL DOINGS........... MAIL BAG

MAIL BAG........... the box man cometh!
Every now and then I get a skeptical email from someone saying "I always sign up for free things and never get them"   or "I never win anything, no matter how much I enter"  or  "Is this really worth the time?"
so from time to time I like to show you a peek into what I am doing frugally, win, or get in the mail.  If I did it all of the time it would be quite boring ............. but I do like to show you the "proof in the pudding" to reassure the skeptics.

There is NO TRICK to what I do, its learned.   I have been doing this for so long I pretty much know what is and isn't real.  I don't waste my time on things that are "suspicious" or just to make a nickel, getting you to sign up for bunk so that I profit.  I ONLY SHARE WHAT I WOULD DO MYSELF and DO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MYSELF.   This I think is what sets me apart from some of the "other" sites out there. 

If you get my newsletter, check the blog, friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter then you will be able to see and do what I do for the most part and will see results in no time at all.   I can't do it for you and I can't keep you from clicking every other thing you see and signing up for a bunch of other offers,  so if you are disappointed , it probably was because you went somewhere else  :)

Pictured above you see some glasses.............ok those were not supposed to get in the pic everything else was intended:
Tshirt    FREE
onesie   FREE
Candle  FREE
Marlboro Flash Light FREE
Tampico Lemon Pepper Spice FREE
Swiffer Duster:   FREE
15% off card for STAPLES school supplies to use thru the middle of September FREE
Trash Bag sample  FREE
Garnier samples FREE
Skin Care product Samples FREE
$10 Old Navy Gift Card    FREE
Taco Bell Free ITEM Coupon FREE
Free Prilosec Coupon
Free Nestle Ice Cream Product Coupon
2 different SUAVE products FREE coupons
$1 Pistachio Coupon
Free Shwepps Ginger Ale 8 pack coupon
Free Ritz/Nabisco Crackers Coupon

Free offer for Travel Neck Pillow
NOT PICTURED :     several free magazine subscriptions including Ranger Rick, My Big Backyard, ESPN, Working Mother, Parents  and more
NOT PICTURED :    Earrings that I got with Credit from a designer site (FREE)
NOT PICTURED:   10 Stamps from the QUAD READER program (mail decoy)
NOT PICTURED:    $$ from Mystershopping, Surveys and Merchandising that I do to pay Credit Cards
this month totaled $262.75   (included cash back from my reward sites that pay quarterly and monthly)
NOT PICTURED :   Ipod Nano that I won last month arrived via mail

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Julie said...

Years ago I got into sweeps, coupons and freebies because of you. I have won trips, cash and hundreds of prizes. I have my own stockpiles purchased with pennies or free. It takes a little time but it is so worth it. Thanks for all your time to make this the best money saving site around!