Friday, August 5, 2011

SNAIL MAIL GOODIE! :) hope you followed along on this one!

I had this one posted on Facebook, I wasn't expecting too much it said over $15 in savings Summer Strip Tease offer something like that , any coupon is money in your hand if it is a product you buy, so I take a minute and send for them usually to be a "ho-hum" coupon deal..............NOT THIS TIME!   3 free products and  2 high value coupons were in my inbox today, I wish I had alerted my daughters to this same deal ........ but I didn' they had an equal chance of seeing / getting this as you did........... I hope you followed along, they probably didn't even see it! :)

The way to use these coupons most effectively is to match with BOGO or Rack up the "spent" amount thru a program that gives you credit for spending your money / coupons on anything in the store.

CVS gives you a cash back on all that you buy and pays you in ECB so that is always a great option, great place to use your FREE product coupons.  Watch the expiration date and if you can't match with a B1G1 sale then I would recommend spending at CVS or  save money on Gas at KROGER OR MARTINS (reward comes in form of $ off Gasoline) 

Other ways to use these coupons if you are not needing the "product" is to trade value for value for Free coupons that you can use.   Or you can even sell them on Ebay if you so desire.   

If you want to redeem the coupon (get your credits) and then DONATE the items to those that can use the product (non-profit) then you can also take the tax deduction for your efforts. 

SAVE the item(s) and tuck into a basket or a stocking for gift giving is always another way to use Free Product coupons.  Save money on Gift Giving and take that money that you would normally spend on other things.........

Its all in what works the best for you.   :)  Happy Shopping and remember Neva Neva Neva Pay full price for anything! 

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