Monday, August 22, 2011

SMASHING PUMPKINS............ not the band sorry .......

After Thanksgiving we SMASHED some pumpkins last year  POST well , this year they had BABIES!
we got volunteer pumpkins from our garden from the seeds of last years pumpkin (the one I didn't do anything with the seeds, we put in the compost pile) and WA - LA I have 3 smaller versions of the pumpkins in this post!

SO TODAY I once again am SMASHING PUMPKINS and trying a different way to prepare them, I have cut them in 1/2 and cooking them like I do butternut squash, deseeded and bake in bakeware filled with some water cook about 30 minutes on 450 degrees.  These are smaller pumpkins so bake time is shorter, they should be fork tender and skin soft so you can peel it.  

I spooned out the middle the skin comes off so much more easily with this method its ridiculous! 

 Pureed the pulp in my handy dandy food processor

Spooned it into freezer bags and put in the freezer to make pumpkin bread, pies or butter when ever I am ready, that reminds me I need to use up the zuchinni that is in there right now!  Tomorrow I will toast my savory and sweet seeds for snacking!  :) thats a pretty good haul for babies that I didn't even plant! :)

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Ann said...

I cook mine the exact same way and use it for pumpkin bread or muffins. I bought some extra for my front steps this past fall (thanks to a groupon) and before they turned bad on me I used those for baby food. Michael (the baby) loved it!