Wednesday, August 17, 2011


VERY NICE SHOPPING DAY!   I did spend about $60 out of pocket for some canning jars and some school supplies for faith a water and oh yea starbucks, along with the pennies I had to spend on the supplies to donate.......... and did I mention a new pair of FISKARS lawn care cutters for the DH found in clearance for 60% off ($13.xx)  so yes I did spend some money!   I did return the $11.99 magazine YIKES I HAD NO IDEA WHEN I PUT IN THE BASKET , immediately went to customer service UGH .........lesson learned ......... but now I have MORE than enough for Faith, the CHALLENGE and now I am hoping some 23139 teachers will sign up for some wishlists (see other post) so I can help them out too with my extras!

cashed in my walgreens reward $5 and got 5 free expo packages and a snickers for moi out of pocket um under 50cents

these were the supplies among other things I bought / found at walmart donating a few packs of flairs and taple for me this is where I bought a bunch of "other" things

how do you like my 2 pairs of jeans for $1.24 total at target?  printable $5 off denim and clearance SWEET

a bunch of stuff for faith and a pair of scissors for donation who said school supplies need to be expensive? under $9 out of my pocket for all of this!

I kept one of the paper cutters and 2 packs of pens but all of the rest TOTALED pennies

my FREE cascade packs with coupons bought from ebay and the overage went towards the dawn!
TARGET  or TAR- JAY as I like to call it

I still haven't made it to RITE AID THIS WEEK and ALSO GOING BACK TO STAPLES with my 20% off coupon and then PETSMART!    ENJOY!

THANKS TO FREELANCER, KELLY for sending me this link ...........FREE TRASH BAG SAMPLE

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