Friday, August 12, 2011


anjie / mel and the "clear" tommi that is here you just can't see her
Today went pretty well!   first a big thank you to my friends Tommi and Mel , who not only listened to me "vent" over lunch but also went to Office Max to purchase 3 packs of paper for 3cents each to donate to my cause, THE CHALLENGE today!  :)  so we were 3 customers each buying 3 packs of paper for 3cents each for the Boys and Girls Club of America!  :)  Mel also has some other "donations" up her sleeve that will ultimately benefit the Boys & Girls Club yet, just don't know if they can go into the totals that Kroger has so generously offered to match up to $1000, we will see gotta ask "the boss lady", Eleanor over at Savings Our Way, to see what she has to say about it.

I got all of Faith's BTS clothes today, I was able to use a 20% off "punch card" that I filled up over a years time period at PLATOS CLOSET and we scored $600 in clothes, a few accessories and a pair of shoes and a pair of boots all for $173.00!   It was TONS of clothes and all named brand, "hollister, american eagle and the like" we got several pairs of jeans, leggings, skirts, tops, sweaters and more!  The lady asked if she was shopping for the next few years!  :)

We skidaddled over to ONCE UPON A CHILD and shopped the $1 clearance and bought Mr. William 5 pairs of jeans ,  5 shirts and a hoodie for $9.xx.  He was in need of some 6-9 month items and we got him started!  :)  We also picked up a punch card from them for the future!

Staples was a SCORE when we got free address labels, free Scotch tape , 1cents folders, 10cents erasers and a little guy that is a sharpener, mechanical pencil packs from Bic and also a pencil holder that faith had to have!  the entire purchase was $36 and we paid $2.58 including tax after discounts (little pencil holder was $2 before my discount card) NICE donation to the challenge and a few things for Faith too!

GYMBOREE paid $3.xx for $46.xx in items (4 items) for Lockley to put back for Christmas after the savings club and $30 I earned for getting my credit card there...... LOVE IT.

Express we bought a pair of leggings/tights that were fishnet style and a tube of lip gloss for faith for $14 out the door while the leggings were normally $16 .  I was somewhat disappointed as the sign said "any purchase with your card you save 20%" and the girl said only if you get a new card,  this isn't what the sign said , so I am not finished with them yet, the way I see it is that I am due another $2 or so of savings..........we will see.

Exxon Gas for $10 in Free Gas on the way home (thanks to CVS purchase earlier in the week) and then FREE Frappacinos at the end of the day from my win (thanks Channel 6 again) they accidentally gave me the wrong size and replaced them (got double the frappacinos for no extra deduction on my card)! 

We had a very successful day collecting BTS items for Faith and for others that need a helping hand and I had a nice lunch with 2 very lovely ladies too!  Can't get much better than this!  :)

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