Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Savvy Shopping............ a bit of this and a bit of that

With the leftovers in the fridge from the past couple of days, dinner wasn't an issue and I wandered out to shop a bit late today, I had my Grandson and I was enjoying some La-La Time with him so I didn't get out as early as I wanted to.
Marcal Paper Products at Food Lion! via kwout

I went to Food Lion and redeemed a bunch of those $1 off "small steps" paper towel/toilet paper coupons
I got 12 free paper towel single rolls and 8 very cheap (25¢) toilet paper 4 packs to stock up with ,  I was completely out so I really could use more, I just didn't want to spend any more paypal money as what I spent on these was FREE thanks to my EBATES, BIG CRUMBS and YOU DATA payments this month.   I also bought some Splenda $3 off coupons but they have not arrived yet and some BIC coupons for the BTS challenge.  I also picked up some soup & broth that was on closeout while I was there, without coupons but a great price to stock up with.   I also got a B1G1F skinny cow candy box , I had a food lion $1.75 off one box but they did not let me combine a cents off with a B1G1F,  I don't understand that , but........ I didn't argue the point, when you have a teen ager at get "argued out" sometimes.

Next Stop was WALGREENS!   I went in there FORGETTING (how could I forget) that we are a test market and don't earn like the rest of the country RR VS RP ......... the colgate promo was RP (rewards points in our area) which is NOT free at the register nor is it FREE after coupons and points in your account.
The Keri Lotion was not only sold out at the store, but they had ZERO at the warehouse and it is supposed to be on SATURDAY SALE this weekend, my thought is they are holding back until saturday to bring the remaining products out,  I'm just saying............   what I did get:
Degree Deod.  4 Trial Size........... $5.00  used a 50¢ coupon on this (2) and got for $4 plus tax and got $4 back at the register for next visit and also picked up the cheap Purex  $1.49 after coupon along with  some FREE EXPO PENS

Dinner?  we went out..........El Cerra Azul, with a coupon of course, that peach margarita rocked after a day of deals.

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