Sunday, August 14, 2011


OLDIE BUT A GOODIE..........this has been a long time ago Freelancers!
hello freelancers!   hope you had a fabulous weekend!  mine has been very busy but fruitful too!  

Food Lion visit x2  LOL I found a couple of extra coupons my girl MELS GIRL sent me a while back 
that matched up just in time with the WISK and WISHBONE sale at food lion and I found a couple more
of the splenda coupons for FREE SPLENDA TOO!   :) yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  first visit HERE

My DH went to the Chesterfield Berry Farm and scored a big box of 25 lb Tomatoes for $7.99
and our neighbors with a green thumb brought us a watermelon, some cucumbers and some more tomatoes
which we milled and made some yummy tomatoe sauce which will turn into Spaghetti Sauce tomorrow night for the BDAY celebration,  will be in the crock pot first thing in the a.m.!   

The Sunday Paper held all kinds of good news for me , so much so that I am almost OVERWHELMED at where to start!   The very first thing I did was clip and file coupons (yep back to that again, making a new BOX which I will share with you sometime in the future after I make sure its as good as my old system!  EXCITED about this prospect) and then went online to see if there were any online deals.  
OMG the OFFICE MAX 100% rewards came back with a vengence and I ordered $114 worth of items that I will be paid back for in kind/ office max money to spend later PLUS I was able to go thru THIS SITE CLICK THIS LINK TO SIGN IN which will pay me back 3% on the order  or $3.42 in my pocket for buying (ADD $5 to this if you are a newbie)

I ordered: 
  •  Heavy-Duty View Binders Buy 2, get 1 FREE
  • Office Max Durable View Binders Buy 3, get 1 FREE
  • Paper Mate Write Bros. Mechanical Pencils without Grip  $3.10 Buy 2, get 1 FREE  (limit 6)
  • Paper Mate Write Bros. Stick Ballpoint Pen(60pk) $7.99 Buy 2, get 1 FREE (limit 6)
  • Liquid Paper Recycled DryLine Grip Correction Film (limit 3)
  • Expo Vis-à-Vis Wet-Erase Markers (4pk) (limit 3)
  • Expo Low Odor Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers (4pk) (limit 3)
I ordered plenty and  these are not for donating as the challenge does not allow online ordering and also does not honor rewards that are credited later........... so these are for my home office and faiths school supplies!

I didn't get out to the rest of the stores , but I did go on over to EBAY and order some multiples of some items that we just can't get enough of around here that I am not stockpiled on.   CASCADE being one of them, if you have extra $1 off cascade and are not using it  or the PLAYTEX $2 I could sure use them! :)

I am dismayed that my favorite place to go thru to order from EBAY is no longer offering the reward :(   nor is anyone? that I see?  If you have a blog or a webpage and have a link that you earn nickels from comment here and I will oblige you! :)

I highly suggest you grab a cup of java in the a.m. if you haven't done so already , grab your sale papers and coupons and start making a "plan" of how you want to attack the sales this week!  there are lots of them and something for everyone........ I am going to ALL of the stores this week , starting in the a.m. and purchasing the 1cents items at the very least to donate to the BTS challenge, but I will also be scoring many other deals.....they are fabulous!  STAY TUNED for the savvy shopping posts and any thing else I find that is not to be missed!

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