Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Office Depot


more staples




These items along with an ICE CREAM CAKE from Baskin Robbins  completed my running around for the day,  a few items from Martins were free after GC earned from previous purchase.

Staples was pennies on the dollar......... some for donations and some for faith and even a couple of things I am holding back for myself! :)  I had two purchases as one was the REBATE and I needed it on a separate rec't due to a larger purchase (not shown) on the other one!  I could only use my Staples % off card 1x  , I forgot my 2nd card at home   yea absent minded with too much on the brain to do today!  Going back today to score another pair of scissors, they are really really nice for 50¢

CVS rocked this week I paid $12.xx out of pocket after coupons and GC and got back $12 in ECB for next trip  also remembered to purchase the BAG tag this time FINALLY!  I forgot one coupon on my desk so this could have even been a sweeter deal.......but I wasn't thinking!

Walgreens was about $7 out of pocket after all transactions and got back $12 in RR for future purchases AND got some points for redeeming later.

Office Depot,   don't get to go there often, as our local one is closed for remodeling ,  slid in for some pens and some items for the challenge too, the pens will go to faith they are kinda funky!\

Baskin Robbins Cake was GREAT!   loved that I also had a coupon to save $3 on it! :)  have you signed up for all of your bday goodies?

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