Monday, August 22, 2011


MY TOTALS ............
we had this little "spreadsheet" for the challenge which can be a bit intimidating if you are not a numbers person LOL, I carefully entered my amounts, and it took me a long time to do each one as I can't see without putting on and removing my reading glasses (all people over the age of 45 will be able to relate to this) looking at my screen and then at the paper and again at the CRT , yea........... its almost as bad as the fine print on a rebate form.....

Now,  I am not sure if we are supposed to reveal our totals?  so I am not going to post those yet, everyone is being so hush hush about everything, that feels kinda strange to me being the open book that I am..........

I loved participating and would do it again but OMG there were more "don'ts" than "do's" on the saving strategies, it almost made you all shop the same stores, same sales, same coupons........... so really I am guessing that those that did the best were probably those that could go out to the stores everyday.   I did my best but was really working outside of my box with the limits I had on my creativity........WOW........

So with all of that being said I will say that I did break the $400 mark in retail value but didn't quite hit my goal of $500 in retail value for the $10 out of pocket.  UNLESS the doubling of the KROGER TOTALS puts me over it?  I hope so!   I had 10cents left over in my $10 account and was able to throw in some other school supply items that I didn't account for , to make the donation value even greater.  I have one CRT that is incorrect , store charged me $1.20 too much, I took that as "personal items" and a loss to me rather than "charge" the challenge total, not sure if worth the ride up the street to collect the money before the deadline.... actually they forgot to take 20% off my total (two day sale with phone coupon at Office Max)

There were some hidden costs. Cost of extra papers and coupons and OMG GASOLINE  we also did not count TAX ........... so really the items did have a "cost" higher than it  appears ........... I put more miles on my car and filled up with Gas more in the last two weeks then I usually do in a addition to that the ink cost and postage cost sending trade to people for school supply coupons were not added in .

CONGRATS BOYS & GIRLS CLUB ..............CONGRATS TO THE BLOGGERS it was fun and please include me in the next challenge too!  :)

office max
office depot

MY FAVORITE STORE WAS STAPLES FOR THIS CHALLENGE! :) they tended to have the best stackable deals for my purposes

I was happy to meet my fellow bloggers ............that also like to save money ...........and a few other great people along the way !

Tiffany (Young and Frugal in Virginia), Alison (Richmond Bargains), Angie (My Four Monkeys), Eleanor (Saving Our Way), Anjie (The Frugal Freelancer), Carl York (Kroger Mid-Atlantic), Ann (Ann’s Crazy World)  *****    ****Not pictured: Kim (Day By Day Savings), Stephanie (Coupon Clippin Mommy)

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