Monday, August 22, 2011


photo credit:  tommi brandt
The photo you see is the OLD system I created about 18 -20 years ago?  I don't know exactly when but this coupon box was created from a CASSETTE TAPE BOX.   I had been couponing about 10 years when I developed this system to be a "cheaper and more efficient version" of the one I had before this one!

I gutted the bottom out of it and used cards, envelope boxes,  envelopes and snack bags to file all of my coupons.   IT WAS THE BEST SYSTEM I EVER USED!   When I was introducing my GF, TOMMI to the coupon world (we think 16 years ago she started?)    I don't know if you can see everything , but I ditched my box from wear and tear years ago,  TOMMI HAS NOT THIS IS THE BOX SHE IS STILL USING !  (photo taken today)

Since that time that I ditched my beloved coupon box and rebate box too for that matter.......... along with all of the FILES AND FILES of cut UPCS that used to be the "bread and butter" of couponing and rebating,  I have tried, reviewed,  and tested many methods.  The binder system , many boxes, wallets and last but not least the system that my new friend and fellow couponer ANN uses..........   this was the absolute best way I could find and I posted about it HERE 
and more recentlyin the article  FILES AND PILES UNCOVERED

Photo from the OLD DAYS!  @ Vicki P my BFF and KINDRED SPIRIT and I collecting the forms and coupons!

NOW....................... TO UNCOVER MY NEW FILING SYSTEM !   I just finished putting it together THIS AM and it is cleaned out and ready to be ROAD TESTED!   :)   I have been brainstorming what I wanted for a very long time and this is the closest I can come to the OLD BOX  (see first photo) that lasted for so long!  I am sure it will need to be TWEAKED to get it JUST RIGHT........ but for now ........... I LOVE IT!  
I don't think the photo does it justice but for now this will have to do as I am multitasking like crazy!  If you like it or want to see more and learn how I made it check the post out HERE  I hope it works out as well as the old system did!  :)


Ila said...

Looks like you're good to go Angie!

You are such an inspiration.

Woo Hoo!

Ila in Maine said...

thank you ILA!!!!!!!!!!! :) I would love to see all of "my" freelancers make a box! :)