Friday, August 5, 2011


I was reading my Martin's flyer and trying to put today a plan of action for the store visit later on this evening
when I decided to click around the site, I found a place for Promotions and then there was an ECOUPON link to check to see if you had "any offers" to add to your card,  much to my surprise there was  I had the FREE EARS OF CORN and $1 off of produce I can add to my growing grocery list!

I got some GREAT FEEDBACK on my earlier MARTINS POST  from ANN at ANNS CRAZY WORLD that she has done the P&G offer with coupons and had the form print on her rec't and had no problem redeeming after the coupons!
She said, "As a FYI - I have purchased the $30 based on the sale prices and used coupons on top of it, received the rebate form (it prints from the Catalina machine), mailed in the necessary forms and received my $10 giftcard.  Combining the P&G promo with the spend $30 and using your store giftcard is a great scenario. I wouldn't expect anything else from you. :)"
I can't wait to see how well I can do with this STAY TUNED

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