Thursday, August 4, 2011




my ad has a coupon on it SPEND $50 and earn an additional 30¢ off Gasoline purchase 
one coupon per transaction (note: that means if you spend $100 you do not earn this twice)

I have a $25 GC that I won last fall for Martins so I plan on combining that GC with some 
sales this week and some free product coupons to earn my Gasoline savings.

They have a duel promo where you spend $30 on P&G products and you earn back $10 Mastercard by mail........... Form prints out when all products are purchased in one transaction AFTER discounts.

So I am thinking that if I match the sales up with coupons on the P&G items and get a $30 balance  + $20 in other items and pay with my GC  I will get BOTH the 30¢ off per gallon of gas AND the $10 MC back so will be $10 + tax out of pocket for $50+ worth of items..........hmmmmmmmmmm


Ann said...

Anjie -

As a FYI - I have purchased the $30 based on the sale prices and used coupons on top of it, received the rebate form (it prints from the Catalina machine), mailed in the necessary forms and received my $10 giftcard.

Combining the P&G promo with the spend $30 and using your store giftcard is a great scenario. I wouldn't expect anything else from you. :) said...

thank you ANN!!!!!!!
I will be going there tonight! I appreciate your feedback! For those that do not know Ann, just happens to be the MARTINS DEAL DIVA ! :) here in our Area!