Sunday, August 21, 2011


I haven't posted any "proof is in the pudding" posts in a while so thought I would do one this week !  I had this PILE on my counter "todo" so this was pretty darn easy..........  I now have to cut and file to clear some space for some more photo fun for the blog! 

in this photo you can see what I scored in this weeks snail mail, click the photo if you want a better look , it will enlarge (i think so anyway)  

it was a pretty great week!  :)  

  1. $100 Gymboree Bucks  or Save $50 on $100 gymboree clothes starting late september certificate.  I bought this for a bit o' money on ebay...... paid for it with my FREE PAYPAL money, so sometime next month I will pay $50 for $100 in clothes , put it on my Gymboree Card and shop the sales/clearance of course
  2. free kashi bar with $1.50 off one coupon
  3. Amazon GC for $25 from my reward card
  4. FREE just for men coupon which I will redeem at a store that I get points for shopping (CVS / WALGREENS/MARTINS/KROGER) whoever has it for the HIGHEST price for me to get free / get the points and then DO THE REBATE!
  5. FREE pantene coupon !  (another one?, wow!)
  6. FREE nestle drumstick ice cream  (facebook goodie-butch)
  7. FREE lifesaver mints (facebook goodie) 
  8. FREE haircolor  (love the conditioner that comes in the boxes!)
  9. Avery binder sample VERY COOL
  10. Palmers Gift Pack (4 full sized product) TWITTER PARTY WIN!  AWESOME!
  11. NOT PICTURED:   several free magazine subscriptions!

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