Saturday, August 20, 2011


I was going by Kroger to see if I could score the CHEAP DIAL HANDSOAP  for .18¢ after my 1 lonely little 35cents coupon and found they were having a SIDEWALK sale with lots of goodies on the sidewalk.  I was lucky and found a COMPOSITION book reg. $1.45 for 1/2 off  or .73¢ and had a 50cents coupon  that I got in the mail this week!   ***I had been calling some companies and asking for coupons to help me on my challenge you see......... and I got "lucky" on a few!  :)  so that started me off with a smile.......... here's what else I bought............ 4 boxes of Minute Maid Italian Ice using 50cents coupon / Doubled or 9cents a box

SUAVE were part of the buy 10 get $5 off promo....... I got 5 suave as they were only 89cents after the 50cents savings per bottle on this trip.   I also bought this gain $2.09 with $1 off (50cents doubled) its the great big bottle , not the small ones like I have been picking up other places.

Nutri Grain 4 boxes to add to the buy $10 save $5 deal and 4 Packs of Bic went in my cart too..... a few packs of Papermate (yep they also sent me a $1 off coupon) and some packing tape for my mailing supplies that I buy anytime I find it on sale, it was not only ON SALE but it also had a coupon attached to the top for $1 off!

Look a little more closely at the NUTRI GRAIN BOX if you will!  $5 concession cash is available for 4 proofs of purchase...............and there is that $1 off coupon attached to the box ya see it?   Well the 4 proofs don't have to be for CONCESSION CASH, when you look at the back those same 4 proofs can be exchanged for GASOLINE CARD!  WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO   *** now my last step in this HOME RUN DEAL is to check to see if I can also use this on the KELLOGGS REBATE!   I can see it now I will need to make copies of this CRT , as I need it to go to 3 places!  :)

Now ............... this is the REST of the LOOT............the deals were fabulous, those yellow boxes are FRENCH ONION SOUP MIX reg. $6.95 a box, for $1!!!!!!!!!!!   those Campbells soup were marked down to 67 cents a can and I had coupon for that too!  LOTS TO BE HAD...........yea and the beach balls were a whole 25cents!   GLUE STICKS?  SCORE!  regularly $1.35 each for 21cents,  I was a tad bit disappointed that I didn't also have a coupon for it , cuz my coupon specified TWIN PACK ..... but I still got them as the 21cents spent counted against a DOUBLE cost or $2.70 each retail in the CHALLENGE so I was happy with that!    I have another $2.45 to spend and two days to see how far I can make it go WISH ME LUCK!   my totals are climbing ! :)

the totals look something like this
TOTAL COST  BEFORE DISCOUNTS AND COUPONS ...........   $82.86  for a total of 44 items sold
charged on my credit card  $27.21

will get back $5 gas card  + have some sales towards my $10 kelloggs rebate too.......  I don't usually care about PERCENTAGE what I care about IS HOW MUCH I SPEND............. this is MY GROCERIES towards this upcoming week to add to my stockpiles and I have about $10 more dollars to spend in Groceries to keep to my $40 week spending budget!

My stockpiles are WELL STOCKED ,  you see I really don't need any MEAT or VEGGIES right at the moment and not any DRINKS or well, really? I don't "need" anything except butter and eggs :)

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