Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I had a wonderful experience doing this the first time so I am doing it again I got all of the money repaid, so I was able to help other people and it cost me NADDA in the end what a great opportunity! thanks to my GF, lisa d. for alerting me that this was live again!  :)

Help others by giving them a loan AT A DISCOUNT TO YOU!   you actually can donate $25 for $15
with todays offer if enough people sign up!   I have a friend that does this yearly with her family as their gift to help others..............when they get their money back they REGIFT into KIVA again, so the gift keeps giving!
I bought this ............this a.m. !

HERE if you are NEW to Groupon
GO HERE if you have previously registered

In economically strained communities, relatively small loans can provide empowering opportunities to help communities emerge from poverty. Today's G-Team campaign provides a way to participate personally in the microloan process: for $12, you get a $25 microloan credit from Kiva will add $13 to every $12 purchase, up to $100,000. Once equipped with a Kiva credit, bestow it upon a worthy friend or spin Kiva's e-globe yourself to read about those in need of support. As borrowers repay the loans over time, Kiva returns the $12 funds to each lender, who can choose to make another loan, donate the funds to Kiva to assist with operational costs, or withdraw the funds via PayPal. Any repayments by borrowers over the $12 purchase value will be returned to Kiva.

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