Thursday, August 25, 2011



I had my GF, DEB , over for lunch.......... I went into the fridge to decide what to make, I took a risk and made somethings that not everyone "likes" but hoped that she would!

FRIED CHEESE RAVIOLI topped with Parmesean and served with Maranara Sauce
Whole Wheat Bagels with Cream Cheese (with chives) and freshly sliced cucumbers
and some ITALIAN STYLE Bagels (tomato, bacon, fresh mozerella topped with some fresh basil)
and then a couple bags of "stash" to take home  PUMPKIN SEEDS :  garlic & herb  /  brown sugar and cinnamon   too....... sweet and savory.  She brought Cheesecake for dessert which was fabulous too (not pictured, didn't last long enough to make it in front of the camera! :))

I had a few ravioli left in the bag in the freezer, really not enough for a meal so I decided to try FRYING them for a change...........

I had some pumpkin seeds ready to roast leftover from the pumpkin I froze last week!  SEE THIS POST

First things First........... scramble the egg with a bit o' milk to dunk the thawed ravioli into ...........

Fried some TURKEY BACON add to the Italian Bagels

Yep Fresh Tomatoes from the Berry Farm and some fresh cheese , nothing better

Cucumber from the Garden in our Driveway and some Cream Cheese with Chives

A few sprigs of fresh Basil from my porch

Now we are smelling the bacon sizzling yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

These are the dunked and rolled in Italian Bread Crumbs Ravioli ready to swim in Olive Oil for a while

Marana Sauce ready to be warmed and bagels are ready to be oven toasted! 

Here is a Plate ready to be served!

 Two Kinds of Pumpkin seeds Roasting


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