Wednesday, August 17, 2011


thanks to freelancer, JAINA for sharing this one with me

#1  GO HERE and sign up  / sign in , take all available quizzes and start earning points...........
refer your friends /family to sign up while there

#2  Under the "EARN" button you will see the GREEN YOUR SCHOOL YEAR BOX , click it  and play a "game" clicking on points and "collecting them' then at the end submit a tip and get more points I earned over 100 in one swoop playing the game!  good luck I hope you do too, there is a contest , but its late so I haven't read the rules yet, if you read them you can post them in a comment if you like :)

#3  log in to the 1st link everyday and see if there are new ways to earn and win points to cash in for coupons to print or order and some gift items too! what a great program ! I am growing fonder of it EVERYDAY

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