Saturday, August 13, 2011

Food Lion ! Savvy Shopping!

photocredit: snowflake animal rescue
Went up to the Food Lion to score some more FREE SPLENDA ESSENTIALS
(sale priced $3 / SS coupon $3 expires 8/15)  and racked up on a few more goodies while
I was there.

WISK  reg. $6.99 sale $3.99 and coupon for $1  printable = $2.99 each
I bought 2 as I could print out the coupon twice
there is a $2 off coupon too from the SS but I had used mine already  that wold
work out even better at $1.99 after coupon

Wishbone dressing b1g1f rings up $1.39 each  reg. $2.79 each
75¢ coupon on each one printable here
x2  = $1.50 off 2
$1.28 for 2 or 64¢ each 
 * I am sure you can get this cheaper at walmart but I got
the large sized ranch dressing for my family and food lion is literally a stones throw away
there are some $1 and $2 coupons out there making this free or cheap , but I didn't have either

Spenda Essentials marked down  to $3 a box on MVP discount
$3 off coupon x14  (bought a bunch on ebay as this is a product
I use frequently and pay a lot for  FREE

Earthbound Carrots were $2.89 for the baby carrots
again I am sure you can get a smaller package for less at Walmart / Target?
but I needed carrots, love carrots and don't mind paying a "bit" extra
for the GOOD ones........ $1 off coupon made this $1.89 for large
bag of peeled baby carrots

CAT FOOD BEYOND / PURINA sale priced $6.99 3lb bag
used $3 off coupon   $3.99   (same price or less than the "cheapo" stuff
that my cat really doesn't like)  3lb lasts a while around here

Progresso Soups on the Closeout table
marked down to $1.24 a can x4 =$4.96
had $1 off 4 manufacture c/o
$1 off 3  Store coupon
  = $2.96 for 4 cans or 74cents a can reg. $2.48 for
these particular varieties

my grand totals were $126.87
Paid $19.15 out of pocket after MVP and Coupons

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