Thursday, August 25, 2011

A few stops on the way home............... :) and some surprises

So I had some REGISTER REWARDS that were burning a hole in my pocket........ I am still trying to collect stockpile of lunchbox treats / lunches for Faith when she goes back to school, I need coffee and whoever heard of buying it when you can get it FREE ?  and yea that RR deal at Walgreens, I had to see if I could "work it!"   My family likes Gatorade although I am not a fan....... so I went to the 20 ounce on the end cap and bought 1 to see what would happen along with the sale priced Rice Krispee (instant sweeps boxes, NO WINNERS BOOO HOO) and the degree was a no brainer........I've been buying the brachs to help out my favorite cashiers on their "bonus's" when I can to use as filler to spend my RR this time was no exception!

Rice Krispees 4/$10.00  , $1.50 on 2 coupon on box  = $7  NO RR in Richmond Market and No instant wins but I had enough RR to pay for this so they were FREE on this trip to stockpile for School Lunches and snacks

Degree   I had only 2 coupons left  2/$1  there are higher value coupons out for this,   they are 2/$4 and if you buy 4 you get $4 RR......... so 4/$6 with $4 RR my RR paid for them in the first place so this was a "roll" if you have higher value coupons this could be a money maker for you!

Coffee on sale for $3.99 I used the $4 Degree and added a 15cents spiral notebook to get over the amount so I could use the $4 RR on this........

GATORADE .......... if you buy a 20 ounce you get a coupon good  for 2 free products !  (the G1 and G3) which is normally $6.48!  In some markets when you cash that in for the free items another coupon will print in the catalina.......... NOT FOR ME, but it was worth spending $1.81 for the free $6.48 to the tune of 10 of the Gatorade, I spending about $20 but reaped many of the freebie drinks/snacks too, STOCKPILE ITEMS on items we use here, not the best value on the 20ounce as there are 32 ounce on sale for 10/$10 at Martins, but overall a stellar deal for my family.

Martins  I bought 10 chef boyardee for the $10  doubled the 50cents off 3 coupon to $1 then used the FREE snack pack coupon when you buy 4 (99cents savings) and the third 50cents coupon counted only 1x (twice) I bought 5 of the Hungry Jack Pancakes (no coupon) but saved $5 on the purchase of 5 making them $5 for 5 boxes........ great deal on some of the best pancake mix!

CVS SCORE!   I swiped my ECB card and did NOT get a free product this time but I did get a BOGO Starbucks candy ,  and I printed 2 of the $1 off.  They were on sale for 2/$6 .......... ALL OF IT WAS FREE ..........paid TAX and still need to check the bags to see if I am a winner! :)

This was my SURPRISE PRINT at CVS !   $1.50 off ANY deodorant!   It doesn't expire until sept. 8, I could have used to get free mitchum but I decided to wait and see if a deal comes out next week? with a ECB reward attached to it? possibly so that I can roll this! a

This was my SURPRISE at WALGREENS..............2 $5 EGIFT CARD CODES TO FOOTLOCKER!   they are $5 each for buying $10 in GATORADE PRODUCTS!   wooooooohooooooo I may sell these on ebay?  just a thought, if I can't find anything I need for cheap / free then I may just do that!

SURPRISE AT MARTINS  50 cents off in the deli if you buy $7 and 50cents off on produce if you buy $6.......I didn't use these today, they expire August 27 so I doubt I will, I just don't "need" anything to spend the money right now, and that is a GOOD THING!

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