Sunday, August 21, 2011



 today was the last day of the challenge and as the contest is winding down, well, the sales were winding down today too, there was only 1 coupon insert and I didn't even get a staples ad (2nd week in a row? WTH?)  My best score of the day was OFFICE MAX but they messed up and didn't credit me my 20% off they were supposed to off the supplies total, so I have to take that CRT back tomorrow and get some "credit"  :)  the CRT is a mess because I kept writing on it trying to figure out "what went wrong" on the totals, so I had to finagel my savings and I didn't quite spend the entire $10.00 I have a balance, which I wouldn't have if I had another day to take care of things.......... 

has bic fine point 8 for $6............ and I had $1/2 coupons
so that offer totaled  $6 - $4 = $2 out of pocket and 20% savings = 80cents out of pocket total
they rang it up  4 @ 99cent and 4 @ 50cents and forgot to take the 20% so I grabbed 3 pens off the CRT mixing and matching the totals so that I didn't exceed the allotted $10.............. so I ended up donating 5 of the pens........... the pencils were 5cents a box and the notebooks were 1 cent each........ AWSOME

I got the "limit" on the goodies..that were 1cents each (3 eraser packs & 3 notebooks) and also got a pack of sharpie highlighters for under 60cents out of the door

oh how I love thee...........once again zebra pens rang up $2.99 ......... $3.99 rebate and I have my trusty 15% off card   1cents notebooks with the purchase of $5....... my total before discount was $4.99 and they took it....... so i ended up spending  .28 not including tax out of pocket after rebate !  AWESOME

its because of these office stores , loss leaders and bts offers that there is NO REASON in the world for a child to be without school supplies.   I met a teacher today who told me that if you are a teacher you could get 25 of the 1cents items at staples ............ instead of the "normal" limit!~   how cool is that!  I hope all of you teachers are having fun stocking up.............. its been fun for me! 

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Liz said...

Last year or the year before they gave my sister the higher limit when she told them (truthfully) that she was a SUBSTITUTE teacher! lol