Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Day with my Kids/Grandkids .......... Goodies for All!

We went to lunch today .......... 3 out of 4 girls and 2 grand babies to EL CERRA AZUL in MIDLO and what a deal thanks to SEIZE THE DEAL   (todays deal is CANDELAS which I also got in on!)  I love this site!    we had a great lunch with very little out of pocket due to my previously buying the deal! :)

We went to the Mall to score a few "goodies"  ,  I got in on the rolling bag deal (free w/ $30 purchase) at ULTA  (you can combine the $3.50 off $10 with that deal  ,  I bought the Dolce (LIGHT BLUE) that I have been wanting and got the rolling bag tucked away for my GD for Christmas!  Plan on filling it with some goodies! :) you can see it in the background of my picture (top) but its a bit dark so I am adding the "ad" so you can get a better look!  :)

Next we trekked over to BBW,   to score a FREE FULL SIZED LOTION from SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE  (print out cover HERELimit one per person; You must be female, between the ages of 15 and 29, and a resident of the 50 United States or District of Columbia
When we first got there , they didn't know anything about it but there were 3 of us there to redeem, the lady kept telling me that she would get me straight "DAHLING"  and she did....... Faith scored a Free FULL SIZED Paris lotion....... and I scored coupons for later :)

Next we went over to Victoria's secret to redeem the FREE LACE BACK PANTY coupon for Kelly!  She walked out with her pretty pink bag paying NADDA for her new unmentionables!  Kelly got her goodie!  I get these freebie in the mail for having a credit card there :)

NEXT STOP CVS where Destiny and I both scored a Lotion with our coupons (FACEBOOK POST EARLIER NO LONGER AVAILABLE)and CVS ECB card and once I scanned my card CALEB scored a pack of STRIDE gum  ($1 off kiosk coupon and 10/$10 sale) I had no idea that this would print a 2nd time and was unarmed with my coupons that were BOGO .....
so More Goodies there and off to TAR-JAY..........

ATTENTION TARGET SHOPPERS did this cute basket o' boys pass you today? We were there redeeming our $2 Rimmel Mascara coupon and collecting a few items (sharpie, papermate) for their Mama's drawer of  office supplies at her house........ the clearance mascara was gone but the $2.99 was in stock and I couldn't argue with paying $1 for her mascara, sharpies and papermate pens to take home!  did I mention we LOVED the basket that held both the boys so well?    We loved it so much we strolled it up to OFFICE MAX to collect a couple of packs of notebook paper to donate to the Boys & Girls Club (3cents out of pocket) while we were out!

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Susan said...

look at these little cuties!! they are getting so big!!!