Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CVS GIFT CERTIFICATE! $10 value for $6

Everything you need — for 40% off!

$6 For A $10 CVS® Gift Card — Exclusively For You!

sign up or sign in and get your GC before they sell out!  :)

its under "NATIONAL DEAL OF THE DAY" and it is up NOW!


Carolyn said...

Were you able to purchase the deal? I've tried twice to complete my purchase and both times I get an "Application Error" message. I don't want to keep entering my credit card information and end up with duplicate charges. Very frustrating!

Freelancebyu.com said...

Hi carolyn
yes I was able to get right in ...........maybe try a different browser? I used the latest firefox, not sure the issue but yes I got the deal, hope you do too :(

Pat L said...


It won't let me log in. And when It said I had incorrect password even though I just set up the account the other day to get the watch. When I entered my email addy to get my password sent (or changed, whatever they do), it told me no such email address! Do you think I will still get my watch I ordered?

I am really much more concerned now that they have my credit card info. Because if they don't recognize my email something is wrong.


Freelancebyu.com said...

I am not sure why you had trouble with it pat & carolyn? please contact customer service on the site ....... and plmk what they say, Sorry :( I can't be of more help, mine went straight through