Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Check your emails for FRONTGATE $50 SURVEY !

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If you have been "following" me in my frugal adventures, chances are you signed up for FRONTGATE offers a few years ago and have been enjoying their $100 bonus credits around Christmas time and other customer loyalty offers?   I got an email from them today which took me to a survey, the survey took about 20 minutes to complete and I got a $50 code to use on their site for it! woooooooohoooooooooooooooo  I just love my "junk mail" don't you?

Speaking of Surveys........... If you don't have a survey email addy already , you should probably open one up.  Then head on over to my survey page and sign up to do a few surveys and screeners, before you know it you will have some extra spending money and maybe a few free products to review.   ENJOY!  
My Survey Page


Vicky said...

how do we sign up for Frontgate? its not on your survey page, nor can i find it with a google search

Freelancebyu.com said...

hi vicky!
it is a special invite that you get in your own email box if you are a customer, this is one that I believe you got if you participated in their christmas promo? not sure but sign up for their mailing list if you are not on it and maybe they will invite you!

good luck