Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have been posting a few PEEKS into my BTS shopping  HERE and HERE for starters!  

I have been picking up things for Faith for school and also collecting as many school supplies as I can for the Boys and Girls Club , blogger challenge 

I have to say that I am feeling somewhat "squeezed" with the rules and regs of the challenge.  It is limiting the amount of things that I can buy for the challenge and limiting my creativity as well.  Its almost like taking a kid to the toy store and saying .... you can't buy any toys.   The rules are that you cannot use any "rewards" that were earned previously and you cannot shop online.......... any rewards that you earn now MUST be exhausted before Aug. 21 (that cuts out the back packs 100% reward from Office Max that doesn't pay until september) ........ so less to donate , less to claim........   while I am happy to be participating I find these rules , well , stifling.......... 

my BTS tips include
#1    Online Shopping with Free shipping and coupons

#2    Using Store rewards and matching up with coupons

#3    BYOB  :  bringing in your own bag to get store credit when you  can

#4    Rebates for cash, reward or store credit

#5    Ebay / Thrift

#6    Gift Certificates  (buy at discount or win them) matched with sales/rebates/rewards

#7    Price Matching  and Competitor Couponing

#8    Price Guarantees

#9    Hooking up with other "savings specialists" to share coupons, rides, or pick up for them and vice versa

#10   Shopping Daily if you can........

#11  Use Credit Cards that pay you back in kind or with some gift certificate, money etc NEVA pay cash when you can earn from a free card! :)  

#12   Shop After School starts for savings of 75-90 % off for next year on Essentials that you know you will always need or use

#13   SCHOOL shopping doesn't have to mean "school" can mean Office Supplies as well........ 

#14    DONATE for tax deductions  ! The gift that keeps on giving!

#15    Clearance items/Store Close Outs / Going out of Business sales

If you have any other tips ..........other than what I have listed please share them with us, I may have forgotten something?

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