Wednesday, July 27, 2011

80% off 1/2 your restaurant bill

Penny Lane Pub  previous purchase!
GO HERE and find your local restaurants that are participating
i just got 4 new to me offers plus an "old fave"......... they range in value for instance I bought $50 gc for $20 but there is a minimum purchase of $100 to use it so I put in my code:  "SAVE"  and got 80% off the $20 making this one cost $3 for the $50 1/2 of my bill........ I intend on using with friends and family so bill should be $118 as they add 18% gratuity to this particular offer,  minus the $50 so bill should be $58 at dinner total for $118 bill.......... WORKS FOR ME! 
my choices (Richmond area this time were)
Robin Inn
Positive Vibes
Strong Hill
River City Diner

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