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SAVVY GREEN SHOPPING : Is that an oxymoron? Not Always!

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People always say "eating healthy" and "being environmentally conscious" is expensive and for the most part they are right.  There are exceptions to this rule and I attempt to buy & eat healthy when I can and within my "budget" of $200 a month or less for all consumable products in the household.   Most of the time I am "under that" and even have gone an entire month spending only $20 out of pocket but have also gone the other way and spent the entire $200 or more on a party or cookout.  I am always looking for ways to LIVE LAVISHLY FOR LESS and I try to educate others on how to do the same.   If you are a long time follower you hear my voice in your head saying certain phrases and the one above in red , should be one of them!
Many blogs and  SAVINGS SPECIALISTS (freelancers are otherwise known as) tout about all of the SAVINGS they have but they don't talk about their BOTTOM LINE .............. stick with me and I will show you the way! 

I DONT LIKE TO COMPROMISE LIVING or my LIFESTYLE  ............. TO SAVE A DOLLAR  and neither should you......that is like being on a BUDGET which like a LIFE DIET  & everyone knows that doesn't work.............

I made several orders with the $100 I won on this site.............
this is one of them.............
I actually paid ZERO for the $25 credit.......... (you can earn credit too, sign up,  enter the contests and refer your friends!)

GO HERE if you are already a member

this particular deal is expired but you will get the idea from this
I am using online sites for price comparison and there may be better deals at the dollar stores but ......... this is the easiest way for me to make my point........

I normally pay for Trash Bags for the kitchen,  I try to find GOOD DEALS on them but they are expensive (especially the bio/green ones which I prefer) I have over 100 bags in this order which if you are looking at walmart/glad bags they are $16 for 100 before coupons...........I got OVER 100 and bio/green in this order

Next I ordered the "to go" coffee cups with lids (environmentally friendly / not styrofoam for those that subscribe to that theory)
Comparably Walmart carries 50ct for $9.97 WITHOUT lids + s&h and are not bio/green   -  we do use the reusable travel cups too, but have problems frequently with "leaking, breaking, losing" them too so we would much prefer these

these 2 items above equal the amount I spent....... about $25 out of pocket.......... SHIPPED (save the gas money) and EARNED points on my CREDIT CARD for rewards later too.......  These are items that we normally use, pay for out of pocket and need to replace often at our house........

PLUS I got 200 jello shooter / disposable condiment cups 2oz each with lids for Summer Cookout and Lunch packing (bio/green) they are $10 for 100 of them here without lids (+ shipping)
like getting it for FREE when you consider the price comparisons, you can also look at this purchase in reverse....... we will need the souffle cups and would have to pay for them full price later 
so it would be like getting the coffee cups and trash bags free
comprende? capishe?

the trick to this is #1  use a reward site when you can (this one is not listed on the reward sites so n/a)  #2 use a reward card to purchase (earn reward points) or Paypal (get free paypal money to pay)  #3 compare prices and make sure to include your TIME & GAS in the equation  #4  get "free" items if you can, ship it for free when possible and  kick your "normal" up a notch by purchasing better quality at the same cost  #5  buy products you purchase ANYWAY or NEED for gift , not buy to get a "deal"  buy the deals to meet a need and live lavishly with the rest and most importantly #6  NEVA NEVA NEVA pay full price for anything!

Your order no. 698-16565 has been received.
Order Summary:

EP-PC200 2 Eco-Products 2oz Corn Souffle Cup 100pk   $6.88 $13.76
EP-PCLID 2 Eco-Products Lid for 2, 3 & 4oz Souffle Cup 100pk   $5.68 $11.36
EP-BHC10-WA 1 10oz World Art Eco Hot Cup 50pk   $9.98 $9.98
706173-020301 5 13gl Ecosafe Tall Kitchen Bags 15ct   $2.98 $14.90
Deal Pulp $25 OFF 1 Deal Pulp $25 OFF (Y2RJGKMCNQNWV)   ($25.00) ($25.00)
Tax 0.00
Total $25.00

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