Friday, February 4, 2011 high on the hog ....or oops lavishly for less

Today I spent my $30 for SHARIS BERRIES  (yea that expensive , delightful , delicious site that I cant afford)  I actually paid $5 for this because I had my dear hubby sign up and order a while back so I had a $10 credit..............from this site (like groupon but different deals)

I started out by clicking through EBATES to make the purchase  (not sure if it will credit or not but worth the shot for 4% back

I used it today to purchase these scrumptous delightful brownie bites that you see purchased and I used PAYPAL to check out which I had a CREDIT for buying rebates through MR REBATE .  If you are new to Mr. Rebat you get a $5 credit for signing up and rebates for making purchases through them.  This month I had a $17 rebate.

PAYPAL is accepted at Shari's Berries so that worked out for me just peachy.............FREE S&H of $14.95  (covered by mr.rebate) . 

NOW  if you don't have a paypal account you are learning very quickly (if you are following along) that there are benefits to having this account and will want to set one up.  NOW is the perfect time because you can get $50 for setting up an online banking account to hook up your paypal!   FREE WITH NO FEES REPUTABLE COMPANY
when you get your $50 you can roll that over again to another GDA!  :)


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