Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AMAZON you could spend your $20 and make more $ to spend as you like

REMEMBER the deal we all did the other day spend $10 get $20 in AMAZON GC?  DEAL that was here (sign up and even tho this deal is now expired you will be ready for the next deal)

did you do it?  if so you need to add your $20 code to your amazon account.  HERE IS HOW :
AMAZON:  how to put your gc in a virtual amazon "piggy bank" to save for that rainy day.......look under your "account" and find the GIFT CERTIFICATE link,  add each # to your account and they will sit in your balance until you are ready to redeem (WAIT FOR THE DEAL or something YOU WANT and CANT AFFORD OTHERWISE!)

NOW that you have your $20 that cost you only $10  you may be thinking about how to spend it?   WELL  now we have an  amazon magazine double deal
The short story spend $20 and will get back another $10 for future purchase  ROLL IT OVER
and then you will again be ready for the next deal that comes along with your $10 (plus any more deals/gc that you earn)

ALL YOU MAGAZINE IS $10 for 6 months
etc etc etc.........

Breaks down like this
you spent $10 for the deal orig.  (maybe less if you had credits)
you get $20
you spend $20 
and you earn back another $10..........
so its like tripling your money!

anjie note:  make sure you bookmark the manage your subscription link at AMAZON so you can UN-Check the RENEW button when you want the subs to end

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