Friday, January 14, 2011


Many of us paid for a TARGET GIFT CERTIFICATE yesterday!   (They are sold out and they sold out quickly) but anyway you can sign up to be notified of the next huge deal they have.  So far I am very impressed.  The $5 that came for sign up , didn't come for many and they are writing today saying that there was a glitch , they apologize and you can STILL get your $5 if you tried and wer unsuccessful yesterday

If you missed the deal yesterday and this is the "first you heard of it"  then sign up HERE so you can get your $5 and so can I........

If you signed up yesterday and HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITHOUT THE CREDIT IN IT
then on

so here are the details they emailed to me as an affiliate yesterday

Hello Affiliates,

We want to check in with you all again just to clear up some recent confusion regarding the $5 credit given to those who sign up for DealPulp through a friend’s referral link.  While this offer is still valid, for a brief period of time yesterday a glitch in our system prevented some qualified users from receiving their credit.

If any of your readers did not receive their $5 credit when signing up through your referral link yesterday, please contact us here ( and we’ll gladly add a credit to any account that was affected by the glitch.  We apologize for any confusion this caused you and your readers.

The Deal Pulp Crew

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