Friday, January 14, 2011

THRIFTING FUN in the Midlothian Area!

My niece, Susan, and I spent a day thrifting with each other this past Wednesday......... such fun!
We started out by pulling into the parking lot of the "Thrifty Quaker"  and finding out there was a New to Me
thrift store run by the Richmond Animal League called "Reuse"   when we got in there we had so much fun!

we immediately found 90% off all of their Christmas Items (like I needed more?) but at 3cents per Christmas ball and 27¢ for a glass candle set I was stoked!   50¢ bought me a metal beaded basket and I found an angel for a friend too!  :)  I also found a few more items, but Susan literally RACKED UP with a very cool iron plate rack with burgandy plates which she had just the right spot for in her kitchen!  She also found some things for her adorable son and a John Prine CD for her sister!   I won't spoil all of the fun by telling the other items we got because they are to be "gifted."

Next we treked over to the THRIFTY QUAKER  (can't find their website for some reason) maybe they don't have one?  that is where I spent the "majority" of my money (over $70) because it was WACKY WEDNESDAY or 50¢ an item day (for all but 3 colors) the one item that I found SEADREAM LEATHER COAT for my DH was $50 ($25 1/2 off) so I bought it with fingers crossed that it would fit him.  (BTW it did fit so its all good) but I also bought some $10 and $8 items there that I couldn't pass up including a dress for little miss faith to wear to the Military Ball that is just around the corner! :)   This place it AWESOME
here are some details about it.  They really do help others in need
Midlothian Friends Meeting’s thrift store, The Thrifty Quaker, continues to thrive in these poor economic times. The store raises funds for charities each month that are chosen to be recipients by the meeting’s Peace and Social Action Committee (PSAC). The store, which is in its 14th year of operation, also donates many goods to organizations who support persons in need. Midlothain Friends Meeting also sponsors a fund called FriendShare that is advertised at the thrift store. This fund provides one-time monetary assistance to persons not associated with Quakers who are in need of paying a housing, medical, transportation, or utility bill. The Thrifty Quaker employees over Thanksgiving sponsored a Brunswick Stew and pie sale, raising over $2000 for FriendShare. The meeting is fortunate to have 6 dedicated and long-time employees at the store - 
most of whom are not Quakers.

I am not sure what Susan ended up spending but I know she got a REALLY NICE sweater from TALBOTS and the cutest little outfit for her son there and many items for her husband too.  I loved the wooden handled wisk she bought for less than $1 too (what a find!)

By the end of shopping at those two stores we then went to the OLIVE GARDEN to have lunch!  I had a $25 GC that I earned from my AMEX card and it covered everything plus part of the tip so for $5 out of the door we had a fabulous lunch.

Photo:  "my"  Susan and  Greysen

I freaked out because I thought one of my favorite pairs of earrings was lost in our shopping adventures but my girl, Susan
found it for me in the car :)  what a ditz I am sometimes
XOXOXO susan

So  next on the list we went to PLATOS CLOSET where Susan scored some really sexy heels and a couple of pairs of boots along with some other really neat things!  they have a 50% off clearance sale going on now! I bought $12 worth (pair of shoes, sweater and a broken necklace (for 70¢) to upcycle to

boot charms (really cool)  and Susan treated me to a nailpolish that matched my new sweater fantastically! :)
we also got some "stamps" for our punch card and signed up for $5 savings on next purchase for email sign up too!  

We didn't have a lot of time left but we did see a sign on the door of ONCE UPON A CHILD for a $1 Clearance sale WOW !  if you are in the market ............ and a big shout out to my beautiful friend, Taylor, who works there........ :) say "hi" to her for me if you go! :) you can't miss her she is the cute, short and smiley bombshell that works there!

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susan said...

hey chickie......where are these stores located? i know where all the Goodwill, Salvation Army stores are, not familiar with the ones ya'll went to.

I have a huge stack of Michelle's clothes that i wanted to take to Plato's Closet, please advise.