Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shopping Savvy

TARGET END CAP has "loads" of cleaners marked down lower than the sale prices of the other cleaners I liked this one because of the $1.50 coupon attached to the top of the bottle.  I got 409 (reg. $4.69) for 62¢ each!   I got several other cleaners that I needed for a great price (no coupons) but I also found the Ping Pong Table that I had been watching that was marked down to $33.xx with tax that was reg. $139!  I am thrilled about that .  It has an electronic thinggy on it but I doubt we will even set that part up.   I am going to freecycle the table that we were going to fix up...........which would have cost about the same to do! :)  I also bought a huge box of matchbox cars with a tractor trailer that transports it for $5 (reg. $20)   
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I had $35 in Gift Cardssaved that I had won so my total was about $50 for  $279  worth of retail valued items!  :)


Anonymous said...

Did target have anymore of the ping pong tables?

sulis said...

I love to get freebies and I have been receiving your emails since I saw you with David Bloom, NBC at today show until now. Plus with your Facebook too.

redstangkathy said...

I'm the end cap Queen...!! I always look for the end sales... But thanks to you I have found tons on online deals also.. You Rock. !!!