Monday, January 24, 2011


 WHAT A DEAL!   I hope you all got in on the $20 AMAZON GC for only $10?  HERE I did and I thought Butch did too but alas I did something wrong and he didn't get in on it but I did!    If you did the deal, you need to check your email and follow the directions
to get the $20 in your AMAZON account so you can be armed and ready for the NEXT BIG DEAL that comes along that you want to be in on, you wont have to be looking all over the place for your $20.

Also cashed in for a couple of $5 Amazon Gift Certificates I won from searching....HERE.......just like you do on google, but you get PAID (points) and you can save them up and cash them in 450 points for $5 GC (this is the best deal for the money for me personally)  FRIDAYS give you the most bang, with MEGA SWAG BUCKS earned and occasionally you can get additional bonus codes from their blog to redeem for even more!

$10 AMAZON GC if you have 10 Friends HERE
*you can choose other gc but we are on a mission here right?
I need 3 more friends to sign up for me, will you take a moment
and do this?  thanks so much!   GOOD LUCK on your sign ups too

$20 AMAZON GC!  ANOTHER ONE! GO HERE sign up, enter contest and refer your friends on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, EMAIL or however you like, when you get 15 CONFIRMED (very important that they are confirmed) I have 11 confirmed right now ,  several other unconfirmed that do NOT COUNT.   Will you be a confirmed sign up for me?  THANKS!   remember to enter the $500 contest too

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AMAZON:  how to put your gc in a virtual amazon "piggy bank" to save for that rainy day.......look under your "account" and find the GIFT CERTIFICATE link,  add each # to your account and they will sit in your balance until you are ready to redeem (WAIT FOR THE DEAL or something YOU WANT and CANT AFFORD OTHERWISE!)


bacalumna said...

I never remember to read the BLOGs over at SB...I need to increase my earnings! LOL

Thanks for all you d anjie! Hope your birthday was fantabulous! :)

Andrea said...

I LOVE swagbucks.

The gift card is my favorite gift from the swag store too.

I got a Kindle for my birthday and those Amazon cards = free books!

sohamolina said...

You find the most awesome deals.

Anonymous said...

just signed up for shopittome under your referal :)

kalee said...

I wish I got in on the $10 for $20. I will check out the swagbucks. I can really use the gift cards.

findingtracy said...

I got in on this deal! I have a Kindle so, I will likely get some books!

sohamolina said...

I love the idea of a virtual piggy bank. I usually just cash out my GCs and keep the $$ in my account until I need it. I can't keep track of all the GC's numbers:)

jill said...

Wow! i didn't know that! I always just keep them in my Swagbucks account and there has been times where I have forgotten i had some! this is a great tip! thank you!