Friday, January 14, 2011

How I make a few of my can too

GO HERE and sign up for "medata"

I don't know if you have noticed it before but there is the big rectangle box at the bottom of this blog and it says something like "get paid for your attention"   this is a company that want to show you a webpage and if you look at it for like 5 seconds they pay you to "see" it.  some of them are quite interesting and all that I have seen have been high quality ads unlike the spam that I get most other places, this one shows sites such as ETOUR did many  many moons ago  

( Etours reference is  for those that have been with me for many years ago when I think I am on will make 18 years since I started out with the STARVING STUDENT newsletter !  LOL.........when I first started going "digital" with everything.  Some of you may have been with me as early as 1985) 

In any case you get paid via paypal like clockwork, every penny ads up, sometimes there are 2¢ deposits
:) sometimes none at all but don't get discouraged, the big grey box is there to remind you at the bottom of this blog so you can remember to check to see if you have any ads to "ping" to get paid.

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