Friday, January 21, 2011

BP REWARDS! $10 GAS GC with every 5th FILL UP

ask for your "card" in store when you make this purchase  (I know this takes a few extra steps for those of you in a hurry)  but log in your # online and when you have logged in 5 you get a $10 GC for future gas purchases. 

Not that I am a FAN of BP but they are making things right monetarily at least in the Gulf and now they have this program which ROCKS......... ENJOY!

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Liz said...

2 down...3 to go! It was funny one morning, I SQUEEZED in the extra 0.2 gallons to get to the 8...I walked in and asked if she would have given it to me with 7.8 gallons...she said no! lol So I know I have to wait a little bit more before I fill up! LOL

Unfortunately, there isn't one BP on the way to any of the facilities where my husband works...