Friday, December 17, 2010


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and help others by giving them a loan AT A DISCOUNT TO YOU!   you actually can donate $25 for $15
with todays offer if enough people sign up!   I have a friend that does this yearly with her family as their gift to help others..............when they get their money back they REGIFT into KIVA again, so the gift keeps giving!
I bought this ............this a.m. !   

For most of human history, the only way to help someone feel warm and fuzzy inside was to feed them a teddy bear. Generate good feeling and avoid the cuddly casualties with today's Groupon: for $15, you get a $25 microloan credit to help fund the working poor on Whether you give the credit as a gift or make the loan yourself, Groupon and supporting sponsors will add $10 to every $15 purchase, up to $500,000.
With an eye toward alleviating poverty, Kiva empowers the distribution of microloans to highly motivated, low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world and beyond, cultivating a universal community of humans connected through lending. To reach business owners like the woman in Mozambique seeking $300 to buy chicks, feed, and vaccines for her poultry farm, Kiva harbors a deep network of trusted microfinance institutions, or field partners. The streamlined lending process allows generous funders to connect with eager businesspersons in transparent, accountable partnerships based on a mutual show of dignity and respect that underpins everything Kiva does.
Once equipped with your Kiva Credit, bestow it upon a worthy friend or spin Kiva's e-globe yourself to read about entrepreneurs like the Mongolian father of three seeking $1,925 to invest in his burgeoning meat trading business, or the Kenyan mother who has used microloans to scale up her farm. As entrepreneurs repay the loans over time, Kiva returns the funds to the lenders, who are free to then make another loan, donate the funds to Kiva to assist with operational costs, or withdraw the funds via PayPal and stuff them back into the dog's bed. For withdrawal terms on loans made with today's Groupon, see the full terms and conditions.

NEXT I donated 50 points into the POOL to help others
join and do a search or two and you will have enough to participate as well! 
you can donate as few as 5 points into the charity drive or as
many as you like!  I ordered a gift card for myself and while I was at it gave them 50 points,  everytime I order one for myself for as long as this is going , I will make sure I have 5 more at least to donate to this one!

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Susan Moore said...

I donated 50 SBs as well. thanks for the link!