Friday, December 10, 2010

Savvy Shopping - Doing the Christmas Cross Off!!!! $476.76 for "free"

Today's Haul total retail $476.76  before discounts!

Today I went on a Savvy Shopping Spree if you have been following me on facebook, blog and newsletter you too have signed up for the very same things I have and you were armed with a small arsenal  of coupons, discounts, rewards etc for spending this holiday season.  This took us a bit of "extra sales" work ........ this week in order to get this free..............but I think we did well! :)

I went out today and only used a fraction of what has been showing up in my piles/snail mail/ freebies etc and hated that I didn't have the time to use them all before they expired.  I am going to share with you some of the Christmas Presents I am giving my family members (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell them or I won't share any more LOL) now............... here join me............ as I show you have I got all of the above items and a few not pictured from CVS............. for only $82.82 for this fantastic loot of gifts to help me round out the holiday season.  

Stop One......... Toys R Us
friday/saturday up to 75% off sale day
bought 3 gifts retail $39.99 each for $9.99 each
used my TRU $10 gift card we earned on the GAME DAY purchase
earlier, a $5 off $25 coupon mailed to me and a $3 birthday credit.
total for this was $13.07 for $120 worth of gifts!  LIVE LASHLY FOR LESS right?

Stop two:   Chesterfield Towne Center
Kays Jewelers holiday special purchase
JC Penney $10 free
Express $10 free
Old Navy/(ie gap) groupon rewards, credit card rewards and b1g1f
Ulta Rewards and coupons
Bath & Body Works...... online printable and gc earned from search and win
Victoria Secret : free panties with purchase
Hot Topic gift card credit /coupon

Not Pictured  CVS stop  which we bought sports stick, hershey kiss and advil for $1.03 out the door
using free coupons and ECB..........

I hope you too are savvy shopping this season and enjoying the many rewards that are making piles on my kitchen counter!  TRUST ME they are worth it to go thru them, this isn't junk mail its FREE MONEY!

In addition Butch and I have gone thru all of our movies that we have bought , won and enjoyed over the years and sold them on Half.Com and Craigslist.  This week we have made enough to pay for the total items that you see above making many smiles for really nothing out of our regular expenses.  I paid for the shipping out of my paypal account , doing a survey or two, search and win, mystery shop etc.  I will be reimbursed for most of this via the buyer.  My profit margin is a bit smaller because of not having a scale and over compensated to make sure it will ship to the buyer.

If I can do this SO CAN YOU!  You don't have to buy what I buy or use the exact deals that I do, you just have to best utilize what comes to you , that fits your own buying and selling needs in order to make that "fit" with your purchases and your family.  This saves having to spend in these areas from your budget........and also earns more points on your credit cards which also "must" reward!   I will post a few of those kind of deals the next day or two.


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Renee said...

It really does pay to do a little a long the way . The freebies and deals add up ! Then you have saved enough for the outing or splurge :)
I tell everybody to follow "ANGIE" and you will learn how to save money, make money anf get free stuff !