Saturday, November 6, 2010

I made 30¢ here today! You can too!

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GO HERE and sign up with your ME DATA to get started, then everytime you visit
my blog (this page you are on) scroll down to the application and it will be there
for you to log in and reveal any ads there may be for you  to see and collect cents on!
I don't make very much money by doing this but I do make a few nickels here and there
I have been using this application for a long time and make some pennies that is paid
to me via paypal, it is paid automatically and it builds up over time.

What data goes into your MeFile is 100% up to you. As much or as little as you want.  uild a good product and advertisers will come. The more accurate, consistent, and thorough your MeFile - the more relevant your ad offers will be. Also, making yourself a better defined target will draw higher offers from advertisers.
By taking a little time to fill out a few survey questions and "tag" yourself accurately, you are providing your customers (advertisers) with a better product.
Text Ads Now - Video Coming Soon!
Starting today, you can go to the Ad Players tab and begin viewing targeted banner and text ads. This will give you a quick feel for how this works. In the next few weeks, we'll be adding video ads to the mix.

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