Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to save money at the Grocery Store...... PART 2

I just REPOSTED an article I wrote a few years ago for a "guest blog" on another site.   I hope you enjoy it even though some of the links/ideas and thoughts may be a bit outdated............

Everyone that has followed me over the years knows that my average weekly shopping bill is $30-$50
with a cap at $40 a week spent to feed my family.  My family only now consists of 3 people here all of the time but it hasn't always been that way.  I used to feed 6 people on a daily basis on this very same amount.  Now days the amount is the same and I get a bit less (ie: the amount of coffee in a bag has reduced from 13oz to 11oz over time etc etc) but I always stay within my budget AND eat WELL......  we are not a peanut butter and tuna fish type of family!   I have stockpiles of items that are non-perishable, donate to various non-profits OFTEN, share with friends and neighbors and throw a few big eating chow down parties  get togethers over a years time (example here)

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I have published $30 a week and $40 a week shopping lists/menu ideas both with and without coupons (one of many examples shown   here)  and also found "other" ways of saving on groceries as well.  (ANGEL FOOD)

Since my EARLY DAYS (28 years and counting) of learning the tricks of the trade the economy has taken a turn.............and CYBER living / blogging has become very commonplace.........there are many many new sites and blogs that teach you new tricks, alert you to sales, sell you coupons, give you recipes etc etc... (GOOD EXAMPLE OF ONE I AM A FAN OF HERE)........when I first started out there were none!   there was a little curser that "talked for you" on a blank screen and we "networked" that way and thought it was cool! 

 The other day 11/09/2010  I ventured off to Food do a bit of shopping 
this is NOT a typical weeks worth of groceries but what I truly bought........... (ONLY WHAT I COULD GET FREE OR CHEAP) to fill in a few gaps.........
with a few of the FREE and almost free coupons that I have here are the results:

Kruncher Potato Chips
Quaker Instant Oat Meal (variety pack)
12 pack Coke Classic
12 pack Fresca
2 - 2 packs of El Monterey Chicken & Rice Burritos
Almond Breeze Vanilla Milk
2 Hungry Man Dinners (fried chicken)
Lysol Toilet Cleaning product
Food Lion Brand scouring cleaner (aka generic comet)
Cottonelle Moist Pop Up pack wipes
1.5 lbs of hamburger meat
Sandwich Thins Multi Grain

when I checked out the Cashier was AMAZED and said "I usually spend that for breakfast much less 2 bags of groceries !  (this was 2 brown paper bags + 2 - 12 packs)

This is all that I will spend this week at the Grocery Store as I am "stockpiled" from previous weeks and a LARGE over $100 expenditure that happened just before Halloween (a few times a year)  that we have plenty of left overs from!   Now We DO go out to eat 1x per week (at least) and sometimes also order Pizza (we use coupons for both when we can) and often I treat other people out to breakfast or lunch as well.  This is NOT accounted for in my GROCERY expenses because this is really an ENTERTAINING expense not a Grocery Expense.  I could very easily refrain from "going out" or "ordering in" and eating from my stockpile / pantry if the need arises.

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