Saturday, November 20, 2010

Got 15 Friends or Family members? make $35+in gift cards! (maybe)

Get Paid for having a total of 15 friends!   YEP ITS EASY............
#1  sign up and refer 10 friends to this shopping site
that helps you find deals on items you want & need...........
you earn $10 AMAZON (or other that you choose)  GC thats really simple!

#2  sign up here and enter a contest to win $500
if you have 15 friends that sign up too , you could win a $25 amazon gc
***note if they have over 400 requests for these (people that qualify) they will then resort
to a random drawing of the 400

#3  GO HERE for all of your SEARCHING NEEDS I use it FIRST thing , every single day and cash in for AMAZON GC as often as possible ...... I cash in 5x per month for $5 AMAZON GC (best deal , dunno why but it is)  and if I can cash in more often than that I do that too! :) have your 15 friends sign up and do the same and ALL will be earning! :)

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