Sunday, October 17, 2010

SHOPPING SAVVY week of 10-17-2010

 Anyone can go through the sale ads and match up their local coupons, sunday coupons etc with the sale ads.  (to make sure everyone knows the basics GO HERE  and read *in reverse order to start from the beginning.......... the idea is  every week to make a shopping plan  (buy at the best possible price) or a NON-shopping plan  (use what you have on hand and don't buy)  There are also lots of blogs that makes "SCENERIOS" these days, they take the guess work out of the mix and tell you what to buy each week.
I have found that while the scenerios save some people time they don't necessarily save you more money, but instead prompt you to shop even when you were not planning on going out just to "not miss a deal."   There is a happy medium between the obsession of "buying and getting every deal and taking it all"  and "pantry shopping only" which is the use what you have on hand until everything is depleted method.

I try to find balance in the world of freebies, couponing and rebating some of my tricks of the trade are
  • multi-shopping sprees (visiting more than one store at a time saving on gas and time as well as money) 
  • flexibility in what I buy, cook and use  CREATIVITY is key here
  • saving money and making money are done alternately, I find I usually don't have time to do 100% of both

THIS WEEK Walgreens is a great place to start with SAVING MONEY,  I am going to break down how and what I am buying this week.    if you follow my guidelines below you will spend $8 and some change this week and get lots of goodies!  :)  

#1  start by looking at the sales papers of the stores in your area, I am looking at Walgreens

#2  match the sale items with coupons and register rewards  (I use grocery coupon database to find coupons for the items that I may want that are in the sunday paper they are listed by date released)

# 3 search with Search &Win engine to see if there are manuf. coupons for other items on your shopping list  this is my favorite

I would separate this into multiple orders at the register and ROLL the Register Rewards to the
next order.  REMEMBER to use your WALGREENS REWARD CARD with each order
and use a POINTS or CREDIT earning CREDIT CARD to pay any CASH OWED to earn
a % back on your purchase...........   I do NOT buy items that are not FREE or CLOSE TO IT
unless I am going to use it that week unless its too good not to pass hopes that I will find
a better deal on that particular item or one like it in the future
BUY 2 ......... Ricola Cough Drops 19-24 ct.  priced $1
Coupons: 50¢  in Walgreens October booklet  combined with  $1/2 coupon in  10/17/10 Sunday Paper

Final Price: FREE
you will need 2 of the Walgreens Booklet coupons and you are combining a STORE WITH MANUF. Coupon this should be allowed as per their  store policy 

buy 1 Nivea Body Wash, 2/$5  or $2.50
Coupon: $3 Nivea for Men Body Wash in 10/17/10 Sunday Paper
Final Price: FREE
Mucinex Full Force or Moisture Smart Nasal Spray $7.99 get $8 Register Rewards


BUY 2  ......Glade Candles 2/$6 get $2 Register Rewards
Coupon: B1G1 Glade jar candle (4 oz) from 9/26/10 Sunday Paper
Final Price:  $3.00 out of pocket
Blistex Lip Ointment $2.59 get $2.59 Register Rewards
out of pocket $2.59

Listerine Agent Cool Blue or Smart Rinse Mouthwash 16.9oz $2.99
Coupon: $1  PRINT HERE
Final Price:1.99
****get $1 Register Reward

buy 3 Campbell’s Cream of Chicken or Mushroom soup 79¢ with in ad coupon
Coupon: $1.50/3 printable coupon
Final Price: 29¢ each or .97¢ out of pocket

TOTAL FOR ORDER is $8.55 use the register reward of $8 from order #1 and your out of pocket total will be 55¢ plus tax
you now will have $5.59 of Register Rewards 


BUY 2  Whisker Lickin’s 3 oz. 2/$2   ***NO CAT?  this is a great item to share with Pet Shelters!
Coupon: $1/2 that you should have from the 10/3/10 Sunday paper
Final Price: $1.00

BUY 2 Coffee Mate Creamer sale priced  B1G1 Free  $2.69
use Coupon: $1.50 printable coupon
***MAY BE ABLE TO USE 2 on the order depending on your local......\
OUT OF POCKET $1.19 or free ?

$3.40 in register rewards to buy something else you want or need.  this is when I buy  Trash Bags, Light Bulbs, or something else that I need that it is doubtful I will find free OR a "luxury" item that is on clearance...........FREE MONEY!  

Hint:  I do not like to take Register Rewards home I don't like to take the risk that they  will get lost, expire etc I do try to Use them up in store.

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